Born in Belgium, Ahmed Akif is the youngest of six children, his parents immigrated from Morocco and decided to provide their children all the tools needed to succeed. However, it was/is a long and treacherous road. Raised and schooled in a small countryside town with little to no immigrants, Ahmed, quickly discovered the differences between him and his peers. Struggling between fitting in and upholding his origins, he used to question his identity on a regular basis. Without quite finding his spot, he began to contemplate the idea that there should be a place he might find it. So when he turned 18, first chance he had, he moved.

Ahmed ended up in Brussels, this beautiful and lively city had him captivated. He fell for her and felt comfortable in her arms. Here he did not feel that he was left out, or an outsider. But don’t get it wrong, it isn’t easy to make it in Brussels. It is a very big pond and we all start as a very small fish. For several years Ahmed walked many different paths studying and working, but still had not found his place. But what he definitely did find, was his passion. It had been there for years, slumbering right beneath the surface. He remembers that he always loved to tell stories, some might have happened and some made up, but they were always romanticized. He had already experimented with film in his passed time, making music videos and promotional videos. But now it was clear to him, he would make films.

 Realizing he needed to define his own signature in film making, Ahmed started looking for an environment in which he would be able to evolve and develop an original style. Which he could find at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. So he applied for a academic bachelor degree in audiovisual arts. Here he had the chance to fine tune his art under the tutelage of great Belgian film makers as Patrice Toye, Miel Van Hoogenbemt and Gust Van den Berghe just to name a few.

Now being a “certified” film maker he is focusing his attention at commercials, music video’s, concert visuals,… while still writing to create fascinating and original stories to share with the world.